K Style Gutters

K-Style Seamless Gutters are the traditional choice for many builders and homeowners. K-Style Seamless Gutter's unique shape allow it the greatest water capacity than its Half Round gutter counterparts; however K-style seamless gutters do have sharp edges which can cause debris to accumulate and makes them more difficult to maintain than half round gutters. The strength of these gutters are attributed to their distinct shape which vaguely resembles the letter "K" from the side profile. The shape and style of these gutters have curb appeal due resembling the stylish look of crown molding. K-Style Seamless gutters are available in a 5" and 6" options, various colors, and in aluminum or copper.   The K-Style Seamless gutters are typically installed with 3x4" standard downspouts but they can be upgraded to 4" round downspouts. 


K Style Gutter Facts

  • Most widely installed gutter style on the market

  • Complements most architectural styles

  • Greatest water draining capacity

  • Available in aluminum and copper

  • Available in wide variety of colors to match your home

  • Available in 5" and 6" sizes

  • Downspouts available in various sizes and shapes