Box Gutters

The resurgence of seamless box guttering popularity is attributed to many factors. To begin, box gutters are generally installed into the bottom of your home's roof line or can be installed at the bottom of the roof overhang. This allows the box gutters to blend seamlessly with your roof and gives your structures roof line a clean and finished appearance. Another advantage of seamless box gutters are the gutters wide opening which allows for greater water capacity and easier maintenance. At Gutter Shield, we offer both commercial and residential sizes of 6” and 7” gutter profiles to better accommodate your structure's water capacity needs. Various sizes, an assortment of gutter material options, and an array of custom colors makes Gutter Shield the leader in the Southwest Missouri area for box guttering installation.  

Box gutter facts

  • Available in residential or commercial sizes

  • Wider opening of gutter allows for more capacity and easy cleaning

  • Larger downspouts available for greater water capacity and water flow

  • Box gutter materials available in aluminum, copper, 24G steel

  • Box gutters complement many custom architectural style homes

  • Box gutter blends into roof line giving seamless look to your home